I Was Told You Said

#mental health

don't take the pills!

I Got One In The Garage 2

1 wasn't very good!

In a Krautrock style...

Wixerman presents - The Steel

A poem set to music

No guesses who it's about

Remixed and remastered audio can be found in the SHOP under EXPERIMENTAL !

New Release from Wixerman

Happy Content (are in the doldrums) ft. Robin Miller

I played drums in Happy Content from 83 to 87.

The track is about some of the chaotic gigs we played in Burton on Trent around the winter of 84/85. Robin was the band's drummer before me and his brief vocal part is lifted from a recording of a gig at the Continental Club in November 84 which singer Geoff Smith referred to as "the debacle".

Thanks Robin.

as a departure from my usual (unusual) output here is an improvised piece